June 14, 2024

The love of your life knows how to surprise you when you least expect it, from giving you quick kisses on the fly to whipping up your favorite dinner “just because.” Now, you’re ready to surprise them this Valentine’s Day with a gift they would have never seen coming.

The question is, what’s the best way to astonish your love this Valentine’s Day?

The reality is, some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts are party decor, as party decorations are designed to add enjoyment to people’s days by livening up their atmosphere and moods. What better way to make your love’s Valentine’s Day more exciting, festive, and memorable than with these types of decorations?

Here’s a rundown on party decor options that can easily double as excellent gifts this Valentine’s Day!


No Valentine’s Day is complete without flowers, so you can’t go wrong with using floral party decor as your love’s Valentine’s Day gift. A photo-worthy, fresh bouquet of their favorite in-season flowers, ranging from asters to daisies, roses (18 or 12 stems), and baby’s breath, are sure to be remembered for years to come. But why stop at one? You can surprise the recipient with multiple floral arrangements at their office or apartment for a joint party and gift vibe. Be sure to include a lovely note with the floral arrangements!

Of course, if your partner wouldn’t like performing plant water changes regularly, fresh flowers might not be a suitable option for them. Instead, surprise them with real roses — known as “eternity roses” — that have been engineered to hold up on display for an entire year. This is a gift that won’t require watering, and it offers the added benefit of reminding your partner of you for at least 364 more days.

Balloon Bouquet

Not crazy about floral bouquets? Treat your partner to a bouquet of balloons instead. When grouped in an attractive arrangement, balloons can easily add magic to a party environment, and they can do the same to your partner’s office, living room, or bedroom this Valentine’s Day. Your balloon bouquet arrangement can feature just three flowers or upwards of 30 flowers — whatever tickles your fancy.

Some of the best balloon bouquets are tabletop ones, which can conveniently serve as small cheer-inducing centerpieces in any space. Alternatively, impress your partner with a larger, aesthetically pleasing statement piece that will graze their ceiling. And don’t be afraid to add in some mylar spray or confetti for that added breathtaking sparkle.

You can even arrange an impressive balloon bouquet around a Valentine’s Day basket featuring sweet-tooth-satisfying chocolates or flowers for the win.

Neon Signs

Want to make your Valentine’s Day gift-giving even more unforgettable? Surprise your best friend and partner with their very own colorful custom neon sign. Nothing says “I love you” like a heartfelt message or inside joke in bright lights.

When looking for a decorative neon sign company, choose a company that uses LED neon instead of traditional neon. It’s best to use LED neon because it doesn’t generate much heat and is contained in durable and clear PVC tubes. With a company like Radikal Neon, you get a neon design proof sent to you before your sign is started so that you can be certain your loved one will get the right message on February 14.

Surprise Your Favorite Person with Party Decor This Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for outstanding Valentine’s Day gifts to surprise your significant other with this year, flowers are a timeless gift option that are sure to warm their heart and add beauty to their day. Other party decor options that are sure to go over well this Valentine’s Day include balloon bouquets and captivating neon signs by a company like Radikal Neon to give your gift a personal touch. Consider the above-listed party decor options as you seek to wow the love of your life this Valentine’s Day and keep them feeling loved every day.

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